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Thief 2: The Metal Age

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Thief 2: The Metal Age

by ejsmith

Published 2006
Topics thief, tma, metal, age, thief 2


A 100% loot and video walkthrough of Thief 2: The Metal Age.

(my Thief: The Dark Project -- Gold video walkthrough is also available)

Total Video Time:       11 hours, 24 minutes, 46 seconds
Total Mission Time:       10 hours, 19 minutes, 03 seconds
Briefings:                38 minutes, 28 seconds

  • High Quality (HQ):
    Video: H264, 800x600, 1500kbps, 30fps
    Audio: Vorbis, q5.12 (~90kbps), 22khz
    Wrapper: Ogg (.OGM)

    Notes: Contrast is very good. Actors are detailed at long range, but some world textures (floor, walls) are blurry. Text is very sharp.

  • Medium Quality (MQ):
    Video: H264, 800x600, 750kbps, 30fps
    Audio: Vorbis, q5.12 (~90kbps), 22khz
    Wrapper: Ogg (.OGM)

    Notes: The best mix of size and quality. Text quality is identical to the SHQ version. Contrast quality is acceptable.

  • Low Quality (LQ):
    Video: H264, 800x600, 325kbps, 30fps
    Audio: Vorbis, q5.12 (~90kbps), 22khz
    Wrapper: Ogg (.OGM)

    Notes: The video looks like absolute heck, and constrast is extremely poor. Text is slightly blurry.

  • Divx (DIVX):
    Video: Divx 6, 640x480, 750kbps, 30fps
    Audio: MP3, CBR 128kbps, 22khz
    Wrapper: Microsoft Audio/Video Interleave (AVI)

    Notes: The quality is poorer than the MQ, greater than the LQ -- including contrast. This is made for portables and stand-alone players. Text is very blurry but legible.

The screenshots are from the very beginning of "Framed" and "Life of the Party". I chose "Framed" to catch the electric arc, "Life of the Party" to catch the fog, as well as general detail of the level.

The 1-minute video samples are from the opening of "Tracing the Courier". I chose this because I was on the run for most of it, and it had the right mix of contrast and actors to give a good representation of the different video qualities.

Video notes:
The game was played using a Radeon X800 video card at 800x600, with a mixture of AA/AF: 6x/16x for most missions, 4x/8x in a couple of areas.

Audio notes:
The Vorbis is very clear and crisp. The MP3 cuts out at low volumes during a few dialogues in the game and while there's a bunch of background noise during a conversation.

Gameplay notes:
My goal was 100% loot, and as much literature and conversations as I could find. I tried to focus on using routes and strategies that are easily reproducable for the beginner player, and minimizing equipment use. I tend to pool up 3 or 4 pieces of literature, and "read" them all at the same time. Some of them will be out of order, but they were all present at the time. In many cases, I drop them as I read them.

Missing Literature:
I did miss a few of the books in the game, so I went back and saved them out as individual pictures. Their respective locations are as follows:

1. Mission 5, Eavesdropping -- in the south tower, 3rd floor (up the ladder), nightstand.

2. Mission 11, Precious Cargo -- in the cargo hold, between holds #4 and #5.

3. Mission 12, Kidnap -- at the entrance to the base camp, posted on the right wall.

Mission notes:

Mission 1, Running Interference:
Training mission. There's a coin that is unreachable. I should have gone into the second floor bathroom and the dining room.

Mission 2, Shipping and Receiving:
Routing was good. There's a lot of plaques that I didn't read, although I think I got the "critical" ones. Got the secret code for the literature.

Mission 3, Framed:
Alerted the guards when I dropped that torch in the first hallway. By moving so quickly through beginning of this mission, they didn't have time to bunch up at the physics-box edge. Missed the torch through the door.

Mission 4, Ambush:
Forgot to drop a moss arrow on the first big jump but it ended up working out. The second big drop gave me a different route to the patrol, making that segment go quite a bit faster than my "normal" route. Food has something like a 1/4 chance to boost your health, which is why I seem like a absolute porker in every mission.

Mission 5, Eavesdropping:
Looking back now, that moss arrow was foreshadowing all the glitches that would be present in this run. Got caught a bunch of times by texture grabs, making the rope arrow entry and exit somewhat difficult. I take that route so I catch the cathedral guard conversation from an excellent position and take out the front door guard. Took me an extra minute to grab that loot down in the catacombs. I missed a piece of literature in this mission. It's a note on the nightstand in the south tower.

Mission 6, First City Bank and Trust:
I walked (ran) by a lot of loot, adding time to hunt down. Another arrow glitch with the 2nd floor camera. Missed the jump on a rope because of a texture grab.

Mission 7, Blackmail:
There's normally some kind of Garrettism which is uttered upon entering the secret gravesite (I have a bad feeling about this). I usually only go through there one time (at the very end with the body), but there are the two very useful moss arrows to be found there. Forgot the gear in the Sherrif's bedroom. And there is the missing goal that is check marked.

Mission 8, Tracing the Courier:
I let Mosely toddle off a bit after dropping the letter because it makes shadowing the pagan a bit easier, although she does "catch" me later in the pagan route. The pagan usually doesn't check-his-six that much, so I probably got the hard-expert difficulty. Takes his sweet time picking up the letter. Found a "new" way into the locked cemetery which helped keep the total time down. Forgot to open the secret entrance into the cemetery, which allows you to "ghost" your way in. Jumped through the portal a bit too quickly, missing part of Garrett's last line.

Mission 9, Trail of Blood:
Didn't bother with activating dewdrop. Close call in the scalding red water pit. Forgot a bit of loot. Had to get the treebeats out. I don't know what was up with that unchecked goal. Looking Glass may have deducted points for the treebeasts that were on my arse at the time.

Mission 10, Life of the Party:
A long one. I forgot to crouch on the sliding ladder jump, alerting that second guard. Forgot to put the moss arrow down the chimmney, but fortunately my jump was quiet. I was looking for a parchment or a secret or something in the guard tower by the Spire -- that must have been Unwelcome Guest. The "Keystone Cops" thing with the housebreakers worked out better than I expected. I missed the keeper patroling near Lady Louise's (I usually get three or four good whacks). I don't know what was going on with that servant near the bot-houses; I've never caught him down there like that. Also, Karras' cabin boy got lined out.

Mission 11, Precious Cargo:
The level map gave me a bit of a problem so I did some pasting to clean it up a bit, although I was unable to completely clear it of the radioactive greenery. I just absolutely could not get the vine arrow frobbed. I forgot to break the glass and nab the potions. I also missed the book in the cargo hold.

Mission 12, Kidnap:
Another piece of literature that I missed at the entrance to the Base Camp. I got the easy 6-2-1 route. I got caught off guard with the mage patrol. There's two copies of the new scripture -- the one in site 5 is supposed to be the only one on expert difficulty, the one in site 2 was for hard. I purposefully skipped site 2's book because it de-flags the goal variable and I end up having to ctl-alt-end the mission. There's 50 loot that cannot be obtained.

Mission 13, Casing the Joint:
Lots of trouble getting this mission captured correctly. The little shed underneath the secret entrance always causes me some kind of "gliding" glitch, where you cannot jump or otherwise enter the mansion. It's a rough bug and got me an inordinate number of times. From time to time, you can see where I get caught by a texture in the secret passage doorways and manage to pop out. I had to run through the library quickly because otherwise I'd have to wait for the librarian to pass by on a semi-random patrol. Didn't bother going up to the third floor in order to save time.

Mission 14, Masks:
I didn't read the books in the library because I had already read them in Casing. I don't know why that green room trap didn't go off (twice). Forgot to show how the traps are disarmed. I thought there was a conversation that triggers out on the third floor balcony with Benny (nasty weather we're having).

Mission 15, Sabotage at Soulforge:
I put both the in-game set and the "old" set of level maps, because the old set had some extra detail to it. I figured I might as well show all the antennas rather than just seven. I chuck the combot bodies out of the way to keep their comrades stupid, later, as they roll into bay A; they constantly alert if those boilers are left out in the open. Speed potion isn't necessary but it was a good buy. Missed another silent-drop, but fortunately there is some leeway on that last one. Those combot boilers shots are tough sometimes. I break down the boilers to keep the other AI's from alerting. That far right safe always takes me two tried to unlock. Obviously can't count in bay B. Didn't bother climbing the vine arrow since I didn't need what was up there.
In the background on my way past bay D, you can hear a combot going nuts. I think that's just residue from bay E. Missed another silent drop. Had more trouble with the spiders than usual. The center alley combot doesn't flag as "disabled" until the end of the message. Forgot that I needed the fire arrows from the turrent room before heading into the protected storage area. Mining the turret in the far corner is tough because there is a very narrow and short landing site for the mine; took more tries that usual. I guess Looking Glass didn't expect anyone to take out the two cameras and/or bypass the cabin boy, since Karras "sees" you (I didn't get the detection rant I wanted on that one). Don't know why the cabin boy didn't freak on my way out (glitch).
There is some equipment to be found in the big machine room with the conveyor belt, but I wanted to keep my time down and save equipment. Got surprised by the the two extra spiderbots in Bay-A. Managed to nab the quote scroll after a few bad boiler tosses. Overall, I used more equipment than previous runs as well as an extra 10 minutes or so. Didn't get the maximum-difficulty version.

Briefings and Credits:
Just a handy little 640x480, Divx (no GMC or Qpel) and 128kbps MP3 conversion. Includes the intro, briefings, cutscenes after a mission, and credits.

Many thanks to:

ffox, who helped me with some rather significant mission completion issues and pointed out that my game was not fully patched.

Fett and Old Man, whose walkthroughs and loot maps made the project a lot easier.

Looking Glass Studios, for the games.

Run time 11 hours, 24 minutes, 46 seconds
Producer ejsmith
Audio/Visual Vorbis/MP3, H264/Divx


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